4 Very Good

As I was walking down the lanes , my heart was heavy and I was feeling gloomy and delightful at the same time ... I just finished watching "Ranjhanaa" .

It's very long since I have watched a good love story and I feel this is so damn close to being very good . When I am saying being close it doesn't mean in anyway that its not . South Indian movies and that too Tamil movies used to churn this kinda movies in the last decade . Unfortunately not now and with Ranjhanaa , bollywood might try remaking those ;)

Dhanush makes an impressive debut in bollywood (sans the diction ) with Ranjhanaa . He is like your next door boy because of which you might get connected to his character (atleast I could) . Dhanush knowing his strengths plays the emotional scenes to the T . No histrionics . Sonam is impressive in bits though being a miscast . She looks like atleast 5 years elder to Dhanush in the film . She is bubbly while she is this school girl but at times she looks to old for that . Her transformation is not as visible as Dhanush's is . The guy who played dhanush's friend ( Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub ) is good and might go places and swara bhaskar gets an another meaty role after Listen Ameya and not so impressive role in Aurangazeb . Abhay deol is his usual best and rest pass the mutter . The girl who played his sister's role ( Shilpi Marwah) is good .

The story is not your usual bollywood love story . A Hindu brahmin guy (Kundan) starts liking a Muslim Girl (zoya) when he is 5 years old . He enters adolescence and so does his puppy love . He proposes and after so much of trials turbulations and thappads (17 slaps precisely as told by the hero ) and one cut on the wrist , zoya reciprocates just to get apart , depart from Kashi to Aligar in the next scene . Kundan promises to wait for her and finally when she comes back she doesn't remember anything .Now that's not so welcome from the heroine as the hero had cut his wrist for her .. comeon you can't forget something like that in your life unless she is acting . Not revealing the story much , she tells kundan that she loves another guy and that guy is our deol da cousin puttar .. Abhay Deol . One stage both zoya and kundan or on the verge of getting married to their respective partners and bang .. Interval .

The first half an hour post interval will grab your heart with both the hands and will literally squeeze you . The story , the acting , music and everything at its best at this juncture particularly .

After that it is all about what happened next .. did sonam marry abhay deol ? What happened to Dhanush's marriage with Swara Bhaskar ? ( forgot to tell , she is dhanush's cousin )

The dialogues are witty and awesome . You must have seen one or two in the trailers but trust me there are lot more .
The music is okay . Not even one song is hummable don't know what's wrong with rehman ? Background score is good .
First half is good and entertaining . Second half is okay . Drags at places and the pre climax gives you a dejavu feel of Dilse but not exactly a copy .

What's undigestable is sonam being a muslim girl hugs Dhanush atleast thrice in front of her house without the fear of her conservative muslim parents . .

A love story ending with a political backdrop is not a welcome thing anytime in our Indian films . Dil se for example .
People who have been in love but not successful will see themselves on screen at times for the pain that the characters go through .

A definitely watch film for the love we all had in our yester years . Go with your loved ones , you will come out with more love and a tear may be .

This is not a perfect film . This is not your Aashiqui types . It has his ups and downs , some scenes are masala added but even after all this You will definitely fall in love with Dhanush for the love he shows and you will be awe with his expressions when his heart is broken . Dhanush might not have a career in bollywood but can expect remakes of his films in future . I loved the film because I am familiar with Dhanush in his tamil outings but can't say the same with bollywood fans .

Ab Launda yeha pe bhi nahi jeetega to kahan jeetega ;)