4.5 Excellent


Brilliant!Brilliant, Brilliant!! excellent ,a must watch movie ,its a 3 hrs gripping drama though the topic is politics but it has narrated story in very unique and very well well crafted movie! In the begining like 10 15 minutes a bit confusing but as reels rolls u get hooked to it what a superb , superb ,direction!! hats off to Prakash jha!! and very well acted by all the actors, because the story and caharacters are very well crafted, i can say each and every cast has same importance and that credit goes to director and script writer, its a modern adaptation of mahabharata, but I liked Ranbir kapoor among them the best , even arjun , nana, manoj bajpai he also acted superb and afterhis movie satya we had seen him in sucha solid role,
very good movie , entertaining and paisa vasool film, freinds go and watch it u will b thrilled.