4.5 Excellent


The previews of Raajneeti were intriguing and the movie does not disappoint one bit. Raajneeti appeals to the youth and elders of the country and is a movie about politics, family, relationships, and corruption. When you have a star cast that has more than six major stars, you start to wonder how can they all fit into one film. But Prakash Jha delivers what I think is his best movie till date. He portrayed a story with numerous characters elegantly I must same, though some might not use politics and elegance in the same sentence. Every character truly worked hard to do their best and the best is what they gave and the end product was amazing. Raajneeti is three hours long, but you will not get bored. The movie flows clearly and no details are left out. Prakash Jha’s direction was first class. He has made it clear that movies like these need to made and can be made. The screenplay was perfect. There was nothing incomplete. Songs come at the right time, dialogues were spot on and acting was amazing. Manoj, Nana, Arjun, Ranbir, Ajay, Katrina, Naseruddin, Sarah etc, were all amazing. Katrina has grown so much from her first movie and is making a mark in this industry and is here to say she can be more than a glamour girl and she is right. She surprised me in Raajneeti and I hope that more movies like this will continue to be made in Bollywood. The thing I loved most about Raajneeti is that with all the characters, you can really see a part of yourself in them and this is what connected me to this film. These characters were based on the Mahabharata and those characters act as role models and show us how we should and should not act. They serve as a model continuously because there is always room to grow and we are imperfect and will always make mistakes, but it is the choices we make that defines us. I recommend that everyone go and see Raajneeti. This is definitely one of the best movies of the year and one of the best to have come out of Bollywood. Thank you all for making a great movie.