4 Very Good


First the figures, as they say “figures speak…”…RA.ONE collected 18 cr on its opening Thursday and 25 cr the next day. Remember Thursday was a Diwali day and the Friday collections are the largest for any movie in a single day.
Now the movie. Ra.One is no ordinary run off the mill stuff. The content requires lot of Intelligent Quotient. The movie blends this IQ and EQ, the Emotional Quotient. This is a trademark SRK film. Its an intelligent film. SRK must get kudos for trying something that is out of the world. Imagine a film where the main protagonist, who also happens to be the Producer of the film, to die not one but two times in a movie. It is brave and shows how much thought and diligence have been gone into scripting of Ra.One.
RA.One collections at the box office are being compared with recent Salman Khan’s blockbusters Dabangg & Bodygaurd. These are totally unrelated scenario. These films were pure masala entertainment with almost zero IQ. They released on Eid which is time for a particular community to go out and celebrate and what better way than a Salman Matinee.
Ra.One has its share of demerits. And it is in fashion to discredit SRK, because so much is at stake for him. The film ends with the viewer yearning for more action and thrills. Also the climax is too simplistic. That’s it. Ra. One is for young, youth and those young at heart. It takes some brain to understand the story build-up. Its tech savvy. One may not understand the nuances but could relate to the happenings. One can relate to father-son, hubby-wife, friends /colleague emotions. Isn’t it that most of us use FaceBook without understanding the complex process that is behind it.
Lets reserve our kudos for SRK and his Team for giving us Ra. One. He has taken Bollywood Cinema to new height. Where we can say that we match the best in the world. There are critics who tend to have knack of going against the tide as that can bring them some notice. These are criticising the movie and its makers. Never the less Ra.One is a milestone for Indian Cinema. As far as SRK is concerned he can rest assure that the audience will keep loving him and like with Ra. One they are going to pour all their love for him in Don2. King shall remain the King. Till then Hail Ra. One !!!