3 Good


Qayamat is heavilly borrowed from Hollywood Hit The Rock. Ajay Devgan plays the Sean Connery character who is heart broken and silent, it looks pathethic. Sunil Shetty is one of the Indian army who goes over the top with his unrealistic action scenes. The person that plays Nicholas Cage is unknown actor Aashish Choudhury, in a very weak performance. The positive side of this film has to be the Sexy Actresses. Introducing the Very Sexy Neha Duphia looking delicious. There is also the very sexy Riya Sen looking Hot as ever. Qayamat has entertaining villains, the chemistry between Arbaaz Khan, Sanjay Kapoor and Isha Kopikar is Enjoyable. The movie does have some fun moment. The Songs are quite enjoying. Overall this movie is a good time pass. Thanks a lot for the Girls of the film.