3.5 Very Good

Pyaar Ka Punchnama

There is an acronym which is a little out-dated now... 'MCP'. Gradually men understood value of women and allowed them to dominate. Then came the iconic word- Emotional Atyachar. PKP is fun film that elaborates this Emotional Atyachar stuff in detail. It tells about various strategies a woman employs to get a guy and tame him from the guy's point of view which is as clear as fog in Delhi on a chilling morning.

Guys fall in love with girls for anything. Sometimes sex appeal does the magic and sometimes a small gentle smile is enough. Fortunately, in this movie the three protagonists are of type 2. They fell in love with three wrong girls who seemed to be as naive and harmless as Sridevi of Lamhe. However, soon their real self comes out and bring in lots of laughter and blushes. The story works. Everyone who is having or had a girlfriend in past can relate to it. Even the lucky guys without a trace of a girl in entire span of life can relate to it. Pyaar Ka Punchnama deals with different POVs of boys and girls about same things and how the differences in their POVs can ruin relationships. This movie is a bit anti-girls but that should be taken in a lighter vein.

The makers clearly had an idea about their prospects. They had a good story and all three male characters had equal role. So, instead of roping in three not-so-young stars, they kept the movie low budget and introduced three actors. Some witty dialogues worked. Especially the million dollar dialogues of Divyendu and amazing monologue by Kartikeya clicked. Flat/apartment life of boys was captured brilliantly. One can easily relate to it. There were cliches but chalta hai yaar... Girls looked hot and were impressive.

In first half some scenes looked amateur. Some scenes were abrupt. In a few scenes, script was a bit off and on-screen looked novice. But overall both direction and editing were good. Camerawork was really impressive. Music and background score. Simply superb. They were really well thought and brilliantly placed.