3.5 Very Good


In order to reward Ramu (Sajjan) for loyally serving his family for many years, Amar Singh (Ajit) undertakes to treat Ramu's son, Shyam (Shashi Kapoor), as his younger brother, ensures that he has a good education in a college in Dehradun, and even made plans with Manoharlal (Jagdish Raj) to send him abroad for further studies. When Manoharlal unexpectedly passes away, he permits the later's wife, Kanta (Praveen Paul) and her son, Pappu; an elderly aunt and her son, Kuldeep (Rajendra Nath); and unmarried sister, Renu (Vimi), to move in with him in his mansion. He falls in love with Renu and plans to marry her much to the chagrin of Thakur Chandan Singh (Ashok Kapoor), who had planned to get his sister, Rajkumari (Geeta), married to him, and was offended when Amar suggested that she be married to Shyam instead. Before he could handle this animosity, he and Ramu will have to deal with an unexpected situation that will involve a courtesan named Champa (Laxmi Chhaya).
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