4.5 Excellent



Its five years since the carnage, that took place in Gujarat, following the torching of a railway compartment at Godhra. Even as most of us have forgotten those days, there are some who will remember them, for the rest of their lives. Parzania is one such film (gleaned from a real life incident)about a Parsi couple Cyrus (Naseerudin Shah) and Shernaz (Sarika) and their two children Parzan (Parzan Dastur) and Dilshaad (Pearl Barsiwala). The story is seen through the eyes of an American Allan (Nimen Coric), who comes to India to do a thesis on Gandhi, after leading a meaningless life in the US, a life full of booze, drugs and sex. Godhra happens, and the entire state erupts into retaliatory violence, with the connivance of the ruling party. In one such attack on a cosmopoitan chawl, Parzan is lost for ever, even as his mother flees for her life, with the daughter. The film deals with the family's unsuccesful search for the boy. The potent climax of the film is the testimony of the witnesses and those affected, in the presence of the Human Rights Commission. Till the end, the boy is never found, and his whereabouts remain a mystery