4.5 Excellent

Ahh..it is such an amazing movie,that after i watched it ,i wished i could watch it once again,but lolz i was thrown out of the queue,by the crazy crowds and i could do nothing about it. am sure am gonna get the tickets after this week only..

movie is a complete rocker.salman khan wat would i say abt him, just wow,and even at 42 he is in his sexiest hottest ever looks.he is really very hottt in his new loooks.

Govinda is in his funniest best.he is lookin as silly and as stupid he can.lolz

And abt the movie ,it like u never sit ideal ,ur eyes are glued to da screen and ukeep on jumping off the seats by those never funniest moments.

the starting of the movie is extre,ely stylish , especialy wen salman khan enters in the movie.
and wen the 2 meet,then the chemistry is woth watching,like opposite poles attract,the pair keeps on tickling the funny bone and u r bound to enjoy for the 2 long hours.

most inportant is the movie never got slow in between,it has a great pace,except 1 scene of the climax sequence(of another actress who has special appearence),movie is complete woth watching,and a bunch of super comedians add fuel to the fire.

to be honest ,i went to watch it for my salman khan ,but i was paid off by suprisingly by the movie ,movie is complete rocking .

i give 4.5 stars out of 5.(4.5/5)