3 Good

Om Shanti Om

a must watch for all SRK fans.
the film shows tremendous growth of Farah Khan as a director ... a typical bollywood film for all the masala film lovers. it has got all ... from romance to action to dance to thrills to suspense anythg u can ask for !
u must leave back ur mind at home to see this film so that might not pop up with questions like wat? how? from where ? when? etc ..
just sit back n enjoy the roller coaster ride !
farah's direction after main hoon na is commendable !
u get to see SRK throughout the film which is nt a bad thg but still a lil more logic n the film cud hv been technically n cinematically phenominal !
anyhow shreyas in the second half is simply avoidable as his body language doesnt show at all that he's above 50 years of age ..he's still the same young pappu thru his body language !