0.5 Poor

Om Shanti Om

OSO .... Incidentally i went for the night show, n 30 mins thru into the movie i was totaly getting drowsy but still tried to keep my eyes open...

If shahrukh or Farah happens to go through this site please SPARE us the net time u make a movie like this , donot hype a movie which has nothing at all to offer....

the movie couldnt even generate a smile from the audience as far as i know bcoz nothing was original, it was like been there and seen it already.

what hurts is that when u see in the media that this is a HIT !! , h ahahah i guess they missed a S in the beginning

Any how like some of his earlier movies , I am sure SRK will make this a ZABARDASTI ka HIT movie
with all the false BOX office reports