5 Excellent

Om Shanti Om

the movie is amazing..the best part was that i came out of the theatre smiling...the movie has evrything so it is bound to be a sureshot hit!! ahtts of to the whole om shanti om team & srk u proved ur the best!!!!!!! the movie was so good taht all the way here in canada i didnt get tickets for sunday night...when on sundays ppl go to sleep at 10, & i couldnt get tickets for night show...& i finally saw t today (monday--night show) and evn today it was full,, luckily i got tickets in the afternoon today...honestly i think al teh ppl not liking the movie are related to slb or friends or paid by him or watevr....cant compete with srk..hes the KING of BOLLYWooDDDDDDD:)