2.5 Good

Not A Love Story

NALS is a good attempt that goes horribly Wrong. First of all Every actor in the Movie doesn't fit in their Role.Secondly, RGV tried hard to make this a serious Movie but it turned Out to be More of a comedy.I Laughed out Loud Throughout the Movie.To make the matter worse the Repetition of Rangeela song Backfires.But I Liked the sex appeal of Mahi Gill.I am impressed with her.Apart from her everything was disappointing.I have been a Huge RGV fan But these days I am in dilemma whether he is that RGV who made Movies Like Satya and Shiva who used to make serious Movies at its best.Sorry RGV your downfall has already started ever since u tried to take the patience of Audiences.You better keep making Horror Movies like Deyyam and Raat as you are good at it.As Far as NALS and being a RGV fan is concerned I am disappointed.