5 Excellent


After watching NISHABD! i am really speechless, sensitive subject well presented by RamGopal Varma.. very sensible way! it does not encourage you for anything bad nor justifies passion of old men, but it shows how one old man losses everything. Wife, daughter, respect and a love of 18 year girl just because of getting involved emotionally for couple of weeks with confused, chulbuly and sexy 18 year girl.

when AB tell her to leave the house in front of all family member that time i really felt bad for jiha. when she leaves the screen not only AB but you also feels her absence and KHALIPAN that something you lost.

Great Direction of RamGopal Varma..! i admire and waiting for your up come movies..
Thanks for giving us a fabulous movie and very sexy girl to industry.. keep it up with good and brand new ideas.