3.5 Very Good


After the tragic deaths of his son, Rajiv and daughter-in-law, Rajni, Raja Saheb (Pran) decides to educate his grand-daughter, Neelam (Baby Guddu), in the city. Years later, she (Sridevi) has grown up and returns temporarily to their rural palatial home. Raja Saheb would like her to live there, and look after the business, but she refuses. Then she meets with Anand (Sunny Deol), and everything changes for her overnight. Both of them fall in love, and would like to get married. Anand is introduced to Raja Saheb, and Neelam is introduced to Anand's mom, Shanti (Anjana Mumtaz). Both approve of this alliance and plans are set for the marriage to take place. What Neelam does not know is that Anand is not who he claims to be - but in reality was a snake kept in captivity by Tantrik Goraknath (Anupam Kher), who wants to possess a priceless diamond stone called "Mani", and Neelam is the only one who knows it's location. And Goraknath, unlike his mentor, Bhairo Nath (Amrish Puri), has ensured that no one will stand in his way when he obtains the Mani.
Author: rAjOo (gunwanti@hotmail.com)