3.5 Very Good

Nadiya Ke Paar

While traveling on horseback from Mani Puri to Nilamgarh, a doctor (S.L. Puri) asks local residents to ferry him across the Ganga but the local residents refuse to offer any ride at night-time after the Jal Samadhi of two lovers. Refusing to believe this story, he quickly changes his mind when a number of inexplicable incidents shake his beliefs. He is then told the story of Kunwer (Dilip Kumar), the younger brother of Zamindar (Hari Shivdasani), who returned home, met with Phoolwa from Naanpur, and both fell in love much to the chagrin of their respective families, who have been at loggerheads for years. Her father, Damri (Sampson), instigated by her admirer, Bala (Sushil Sahu) restricts her movements, while Kunwer's brother wants him to wed Chanchal (Maya Banerji), the daughter of once wealthy Thakur Gulab Singh (David). Watch as things spiral out of control after Damri announces a Swayamvar for Phoolwa, while Zamindar compels his brother to wed Chanchal.
Author: rAjOo (gunwanti@hotmail.com)