0.5 Poor

My Name Is Khan

Ah, SRK and Karan Johar have done it again.
Complete crap with bits and pieces borrowed off from tons of films.
Taran Adarsh is highly biased, and so reading an article written by him is like asking a whore if she liked what you did after you pay her.
In addition to all of that, SRK and JOHAR had the courage to pull-off such a big publicity stunt.
I could do that as well, pay Shiv Sena couple of bucks, ask them to play a little rough for a few days, and after all that, right before the movie releases, stop all that demonstration and let people calmy go and watch the movie.
SRK's acting? More like a circus juggler doing the same act over and over again? No deviation from his natural acting, goes on to do the very same everytime. Johar should be a businessman, instead of a director.
I could pull-off a good movie by starring SRK and KAJOL together, because with that, i do definitely know the movie's going to get lots of female fans.
Burr, makes me feel the movie industry is more about strategies and techniques than is about talent.