4.5 Excellent

My Name Is Khan


The movie in one word can say.. SUPERB!! Fantastic direction of KJO.. Nice work KJO. Also it was really nice to see SRK & KAJOL back to the on screen. Even though, they didnt had much romantic scenes as of their old films, they were really good to see together.

This is a movie giving a message that, there are good people in this world & not just terrorist. I mean the bad people. The good people could do anything.. to the country they belong to or to their home or society.. any where.. but.. a big hard work is there behind it, along with true love. This is what the film shows about.

They showing all the people as good. No matter its a Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Jews or who ever it is. As he is playing a Muslim character, and SRK himself is a muslim.. It revolves around muslims. Being a muslim personally, I say that..Like SRK me too respect each and every religion & their values.

I think every people in this world have to repect each other.. Love each... Dont know, How much we are in this world.

All in all the film just fantastic. Each and every character in the film is really superb. SRK was outstanding, being a fan of him.. i cant sit without saying that... He was just superb. Kajol was also too good.

Infact, SRK was looking really cute in most of the scenes, specially the scene were Kajol says "Marry Me"... :) The way he reciting verses from the HOLY QURAN... I never expected that, it was really really superb. I belive, he does this all his life.

Like in this movie, SRK wanna meet the President.. Like that,i too have a wish & message to see & give to SRK & another my favts.. AR RAHMAN, ASIN, KAJOL & RANI. Am sure,.. One or the other day.. I'll meet you all..