1.5 Average

My Name is Anthony Gonsalves

my name is anthony gonsalves,an e niwas movie is
a typical masala movie with no ingredients of
socailism but some moments make you feel that you are watching a movie but the movie just cant
leave a impact after 1-2 months of its release.
its content is new but its script is shaky.some-
times the script goes her & there.thats not the way.secondly the character are not given the full
qoutient and they are replaced by sovereignty
performance wise,its pawan malhotra & mukesh tiwari who excel while nikhil dwivedi is an
dissapointment.his role is perfect but you do not
get the feeling that you are watching him in that role.he should have done better.amrita rao
is okay,not much scope for her.anupam kher is as
usual.the character playing riyaaz is good & javed sheikh is wasted.overall my name is anthony gosalves is a weak fare & average perfor-