4 Very Good

Let’s get one thing straight.

This movie is about terrorism...but it is not patriotic. In the second half it very subtly (without any heavy handed drama) points out that terrorism is a global threat, against which we have to stand united and also be ready to accept any collateral damage that is bound to come our way.

The story consists of 5 mini sub-plots about how the "11 Jul 06 train Blasts" affected the lives of the key characters of the film.

The strongest point of the story is the "Character Arc" it gives to each of the 6 key characters. Each character travels from one end of the spectrum to the other throughout the course of the movie, causing a substantial change in their personality and mentality.

MUMBAI MERI JAAN touches your heart, without getting preachy and without displaying Bollywood's trademark animated jingoism. Certain scenes leave their mark even after you have exited the theater.

Noteworthy are:

The actual shot of the blast & the way numbers 7 & 11 are displayed on the screen.

Soha's interview outside the hospital & the story made on her tragedy by a news channel.

Irrfan's visit to Centre One mall.

Kay Kay's "conversion" scene near the end.

Madhavan's conversation with his friend about USA being "Safe".

The finale of the movie & ALL SCENES FEATURING PARESH RAWAL.

Relatively new director, Nishikant Kamat, extracts stellar performances from his cast. The critics will have a tough time choosing "Best Supporting Actors" nomination cause Irrfan, Kay Kay and R Madhavan have provided flawless performances. But one actor stands above all else, be it his jokes, or his advice to Kay Kay about trying to stop the "Chain", or his speech in the end. Paresh gives one of his best performances till date. His HAWALDAR TUKARAM PATIL will be remembered for decades to come just like his BABURAO APTE.

Special mention for the dialogs of this movie... realistically penned they hit bull’s eye, and you will find people cheering and clapping to most of them.

Not that this movie is perfect, many questions are left unanswered.

What happened to Kay Kay's money lender?

What about Madhavan's wife?

Apart from these loose ends the movie also feels a bit long in certain sections where the story moves slowly. But all these flaws are minor.

One of the best movie to come out in 2008, it might not have the same emotional impact on audiences of other cities. But it will form an emotional bond with Mumbai crowd. A must watch for all Mumbaikars & lovers of quality cinema.