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Mr 100% – The Real Player

A number of films on call girls have been attempted in the past. But MR. 100% - THE REAL PLAYER is different: It's based on male prostitutes/gigolos. With a rarely attempted concept on hand, the makers could've come up with a thought-provoking fare. Unfortunately, MR. 100% - THE REAL PLAYER is all about titillation.

MR. 100% - THE REAL PLAYER tells the story of a gigolo, Rajesh [Aryan Vaid], also known as Mr. 100%. His wife [Mahima Chaudhary] is unaware of his profession. Rajesh gets into this profession courtesy Shailesh [Irrfan Khan], who is known as Mr. Perfect. Shailesh contracts AIDS and Rajesh's wife gets to know of the nefarious activities. All hell breaks loose...

A sleaze fest, MR. 100% - THE REAL PLAYER has a tacky look all through. Besides, the screenplay lacks the meat to drive home the point. Aimed at the front-benchers, all it does is focus on skin show from start to end.

Direction [Om Prakash Makkar] is weak. Musically, nothing to hum about. The performances are equally lackluster. Aryan Vaid hams. Mahima Chaudhary, in a brief role, is okay. Payal Rohatgi adds to the glamour quotient. Irrfan Khan is wasted.

On the whole, MR. 100% - THE REAL PLAYER will hardly find any takers.