4 Very Good

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (English)

We were dying to see what the critics had to see about the fifth instalment of Mission Impossible 5. We heard and received great things from so many critics about this movie. However, is it all true? Read this to find out! This movie is directed by Christopher Mcquarrie,(who also directed Jack Reacher and did the screenplay for Edge Of Tomorrow.) He has this certain style that he brings to the big screen! Very unique we might add! Her brings you action, and suspense all at the same time! But, the question is, does he bring it here? The answer is: You bet your butt he does!

The movie wastes no time into making action happen! In fact, it happens in 32 seconds as soon as the movie starts! Yes, we timed it! Immediately we are in for one of the best stunt/action scenes we have seen at the theatre. Yep, you guessed it, Tom Cruise on top of an aeroplane and hanging on for dear life! So straight away you know what type of a film you'll be watching all the way through! The plot of the film is very simple, and yet pretty thrilling. "Eradicating the Syndicate - an International rogue organization as highly skilled as they are, committed to destroying the IMF." Mission sounds Impossible, right? Well, not when Tom cruise (Ethan Hunt) is on board! A very high skilled, trained, beautiful woman by the name of Ilsa (Rebecca Ferguson) gets involved in all of this mess. She is just like Ethan, knows fight moves, knows how to shoot, knows every move! However, while you are watching...you will start to wonder whether or not you should feel sorry for her or to hate her. She's one of those characters/people that just keeps changing sides until we don't know how to think anymore!

The villain, portrayed by Sean Harris is both creepy, and extremely intimidating. This time around the villain has a background...you know what he has done, what he is capable of, and what happens if you refuse to comply with him. This is part of the reason why Ghost Protocol failed a little bit (in my books), because that villain was not properly explained and had very little screen time, therefor, it just made me not care! But this time, the villain is explained and done properly. Keep a look out for a side villain by the name of "The Bone Doctor." He will scare the living poo out of you! This movie has everything you need! Fighting, shooting, car chases, thrilling under water sequences, plane scenes, fighting in an opera theater what more could you ask for? We will end this review by saying, that on a sad note, this movie had one of the rushed endings. Just as everything was going perfect it failed at the ending. It's like, everyone got tired and they just went "screw it, everyone is tired...let's end it here." We looked around and the theatre were shrugging and weird looks on their faces as if to say "that's it?" So don't be expecting a Fight scene between Sean Harris and Tom Cruise...they were too lazy to put it in there.