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Mere Brother Ki Dulhan

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Mere Brother Ki Dulhan

Ratings: 2.5/5

First of all Mere Brother Ki dulhan is not similar to Sorry Bhai.Both the films have vast difference.Mere Brother Ki Dulhan is about Luv who stays in London and had a break off.After break off he decides to get married and settle down.He tells his brother Kush to find an Indian girl for him.Now the hunt for the dulhan starts.Kush meets many girls and then he finds the best one and thats Dimple.Now the arrangements for the marriage starts and luckily or unluckily Dimple and Kush falls in love with each other.Now, what? Will Dimple get married to Luv or she will get Married to Kush? Thats the story of Mere Brother Ki Dulhan.Ali Abbas Zafar's script is something like 50-50.I mean it's 1st half is really nice but the 2nd half lacks many things.1st half is really hilarious moments and 2nd half has some funny moments.The problem with the 2nd half is that it's funny but predictable you know whats going to happen in the next scene.It could be more better.

Ali Abbas Zafar has directed the film well.As a first time director it's really nice.But again the same thing as the story was predictable he could have directed the movie more better.But,he succeeds in making us luagh like mad in 1st half and atleast keep a smile in 2nd half.Sudeep Chatterjee's cinematography is dam good.Ritesh Soni's editing is okk.

Songs are a big support in the film.They perfectly match the situations.Ditto to Sohail Sen for his fantastic music in this film.Be it mere brother ki dulhan or isq risk or madhubala or dhunki each and every song is fantastic.And one of the best thing is that all the songs has awesome choreography.Ditto for that to Bosco-Caesar's.

Actors are on the bases of performances:

1) Katrina Kaif:
I still remember when Katrina came into bollywood her acting was worst then it became better and now she one of the best actress bollywood has.She proves that she is not just famous for her dance but she can act well.She delivers an innocent performance this time.Actually it's a role specially penned for her.In one word dam good.

2) Ali Zafar:
Ok first of all Ali Zafar has not directed this film.It was a confusion that the actor who has acted in the film is the same person who directed it.But no,the director and the actor are differnet people.Ali Zafar looks really nice and the role suites him very well.He carries off the comedy sequences fantastically.He refreshes the movie whenever he is on the screen.

3) Imran Khan:
Imran film by film is getting better.He once again delivers a nice performance.He even tries to copy his mamujaan in some scenes.But,thats cute.

4) Tara D'souza:
As her first film she is really nice.She gives a tough competition to Katrina in looks and even a tough competition in the song Do Dhari Talwar.

Other supporting cast is dam good specially the actor who has done katrina's brothers role.

Overall: Mere Brother Ki Dulhan is a decent one watch film.