4 Very Good

Mere Brother Ki Dulhan

If you look back at all the movies you have enjoyed watching in last few months, you would realize that either you had a hangover of the performances in it or it must have given you some philosophical message or it must have given you a rib tickling laugh or you must have been hooked with the outstanding script or real life sequences or unreal action……but have u been feeling like just touching the "feel good factor", as light as a coffee after a stressed out day. Watch Mere Brother Ki Dulhan and you will feel "just content". A super light entertainer which one could consume easily and would be happy to watch once.

Talking about the performances, I am truly not a fan of Imraan Khan but appreciate the way he has played the character of Kush. He has absorbed the script well and seems to have done all the scenes in one go. Katrina may surprise everyone who has been following her previous accomplishments as this one is going to stand out in terms of making them laugh. It is a little unbelievable to expect her delivering comic performance. She has established herself as one of the best dancers in the industry we have today. So in totality her mesmerizing beauty and stunning performance have added the right value in the project. But out of all the performances, one would make you watch this movie again, Ali Jafar. He has his own style and has played the character of “Bhaisaahab” perfectly. He has delivered the expectations of the audience which applauded his work in Tere Bin Laden. His comic timing and dialogue delivery will bring stronger remembrance to his character amongst the audience in comparison to other characters in the movie. The supporting cast has played the script well in their domain with a special mention to Shobhit, friend of Imraan in the movie.

YRF has been recognized as a school for artists in this industry but I would like to mention that the batches in last couple of years have been outstanding. You talk about, Manish (director Band Baaja Baraat), Kabeer (director new york) and Ali Abbas in this project. All have been successful in not only hitting the cash registers at box office but also in touching new heights of creativity in Indian Cinema. Ali has managed the screenplay perfectly. There is not even a single moment you feel like going out to buy a popcorn bucket. The audience is bound to stick to there seats as the story brings out scenes which are well connected and moving in the right pace to hold the interest. The cinematography is appreciable showing India Gate, Taj Mahal and other fancy sets in line with the script. The music is not that catchy out of the theater as it has been embedded with the script and string the events in the story. Choreography may back a nomination for this movie in this category as all the songs were visually pleasing, specially the superb combination of music, choreography and cinematography in "Kaisa ye isk hai ajab sa risk hai". The only thing which pulls back your interest is the last twist which tends to make the climax a little unreal and immature, but those 10 minutes are acceptable against an entertaining 120 minutes.

All in all a successful project following Band Baja Baraat for YRF. Kudos to the team and Ali Abbas for holding a very immature story in a delicate way and making it reliable by way of tightly built screenplay and fine editing.

This one has a definite shelf life.