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Me Mamu & 7 Music Review



Me Mamu & 7 - Now this has to be not just one of the strangest but also weirdest title that has graced a Bollywood film for long. With no idea whatsoever about what the film is all about and who stars in it, one plays on Me Mamu & 7 which has music by newcomers Chandar-Vishal-Sanjay and lyrics by Vishal Tandi and Amit Hotchandani.


The moment 'Ae Rab Zara' begins, you know that the album would be taking a 'sugam sangeet' route that was abandoned even by DD National over two decades ago. A lazy composition with Vishal Tandi's lyrics belonging to a world that has been a long forgotten, 'Ae Rab Zara' is sung by Amit Hotchandani who is as lifeless behind the mike as is the overall tune.

Raja Hasan goes on to croon an item number 'Billo Rani' which would have been a reject even for a downmarket non-film album. With arrangements that are below par and a tune which is just so unimaginative, this Vishal Tandi written track is completely avoidable and makes one move on to the next track within 100 seconds of it being played.

Title song 'Me Mamu & 7' has an unexciting club music prelude to it which only extends the agony by a minute as there is nothing that really happens when Shaan comes on scene. A situational track written by Amit Hotchandani that also throws a hint at what the film is all about, 'Me Mamu & 7' seems like an amateurish work of school/college kids.

The album stays on to be dull and unexciting as ever before with Shaan going solo for Amit Hotchandani written 'Pyaar Kiya Hai'. A yawn inducing number that may well put off a woman and make her go the other way rather than come any closer, 'Pyaar Kiya Hai' is a quick skip as well.

Last to come is 'Sab Kya Jaane' which is also the lengthiest song in the album due to its six minute duration. Written by Vishal Tandi, this sad track by Raja Hasan is just the like the rest of the album i.e. uninspiring. Thankfully the ordeal ends with this number as there are no more songs after 'Sab Kya Jaane'.


Don't even make your 'mamu' listen to this one!



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