3.5 Very Good


Director Mr. Neeraj Ghayman work is impressive. He never goes overboard from film premise and characters. Even, shot designed by him is perfect. Writer Neeraj Grover, story is hard core realistic, screenplay is fresh and dialogues are brief but support well to reveal the character. He used some good metaphor in screenplay, like in the scene, where girl says about her ring that her uncle had inserted it to her finger in her childhood but now its so tight that without being willing full she is carrying it. Clearly, shows about the girl's character that how she is stuck with her traditional family. There are many shots, which enhances the scene and film without speaking much. Cinematography is very impressive. Even, it is not in full cinemascope format but you never miss the shorten length of frame. All visuals are like a big scale film. Even, difficult to find the guerilla shot scenes. Credit goes to its amazing cinematographer Avinash Arun Dhaware. I was sure that I am going to give this film at least 7 after watching the first half but then makers deliberately drag this movie into a parallel cinema. First half is so innocent and cute. Especially the love scenes are just amazing, full of rawness and innocence. I was so engrossed with them that I was expecting such scenes in second half also but then I have to face the truth. My beautiful dream ride got brutally broken by the slap of realism. I was not happy with that and even irritated a bit. Actually first half and second half are literally on two notes. Performance wise Vicky Kaushal as Deepak is mesmerizing. You have to believe that he is indeed Deepak. He emotes so well in the scene, when he cries. Shweta Tripathi as Shaalu is mind blowing. I just loved her expression in all scenes, especially in love ones. Richa Chadda as Devi, is a fine performer, she is brilliant. Sanjay Mishra as her father is very good. Pankaj Tripathi as railway booking clerk, is very natural. The child, Nikhil Sahni as Jhonta is adorable. Bhagwan Tiwari as Inspector Mishra is so good that you just hate him. Vineet Kumar as Deepak's father is very good. Actually, this film is full of good actors and performances. Credit goes to casting director Mukhesh Chhabra too. Music is good, especially the song " Tu Kisi rail Si guzarti hai" based on great gazal writer Dushyant Kumar, touches the heart instantly.