1 Poor

The thought behind this movie is very interesting that physical limitations can't limit your mind but it's also true that if your limb gets broken then you have to realize it and then you have to cross this obstacle by smart thinking. This movie tells about a person, who has physical limitations but not ready to accept it. Doing everything, wanting everything, without thinking about the possibilities of getting it or not. I couldn't understand the logic behind the title even. The love track with a blind girl is too filmy when I was expecting some realistic and smart way to get inside mind of such type of person. Emotional quotient in this film is very shallow. I only felt emotional bonding between mother and daughter but can't get that much emotion with the central character's life. She is very good in music but movie roams around other tracks without showing that she can do wonder in music and thus challenging her physical limitations. Performance wise Kalki Koechlin impresses with her performance. Sayani Gupta as Khanum is very good. Revathi as Mother is fantastic.