4.5 Excellent

Manjhi The Mountain Man

Manjhi- the mountain man
(Shandaar, zabardast, Zindaabad)

Manjhi- The mountain man, which is inspired from life story of Dashrath Manjhi, reflects the darker side of India where the basic facilities still lacks.
Manjhi lives in a village in Bihar where people have to cross the mountain to go to nearby town to avail basic facilities like schooling, medical facilities etc. Manjhi who characterizes a below poverty level man breaks the mountain single handed using only hammer and chisel to make the path in his wife's memory who died after slipping from mountain while climbing the mountain while pregnant to get basic facilities like water. Manjhi proves that true love has power and you need not to spend money to prove your devotion to your love. He chooses to get the solution and make his life meaningful by doing at least one productive work for the other villagers. The story goes emotional when the villagers, who later help Dashrath, criticize him and calls him mad. But determined and positive Dashrath continues breaking mountain even during period of drought conditions when he has to spend nights without food, water and any support from his friends or family. He keeps working even after he is bitten by a poisonous snake while breaking mountain which makes him to cut his toe with the same hammer and chisel which he uses to break mountain. He fights with corruption, politics and others who come on his way and finally he fulfills his dream of making a path through the mountain with help of his beloved wife’s memory.
The story picturises how true determination with positive approach to your dream can do wonders and make impossible the possible.
It shows that dirty politics existed even when it was originated. Corruption and politics are the two factors which force the poor people to fight for their rights which they truly deserve. Corruption is the reason why the real needy remain unattended. The government authorities also wake up doing their duty when they see the chance to earn the black money/ bribe. When the victim of corruption gets helpless, he chooses to be a rebel and brings revolution to end corrupts.
The story really inspires others to stand for own say. No one will care and value you especially when you have no money power if you do not fight for your deserving rights.
By the time you get intermission you get to get connected with Manjhi. You start to feel good and strengthened when Manjhi gets supported by his friends and villagers, when he accomplishes his dream, whenever in the movie he gets strengthened and happy.
With Nawazuddin Siddiqui being truly incredible as Dashrath Manjhi, Radhika Apte also has done great work doing justice to her character let it be as a toy seller, as a true lover, as a loving wife or as a caring mother. She looks most attractive even in her simple attire which goes with her character.
Hats off to the real hero Dashrath Manjhi, the director- Ketan Mehta who thought of making this film and the actors who relive and remind us of the real charact1ers.