4 Very Good


Maharaja is a exceptional movie made by Director Anil Sharma who makes many big films. Its a little bit of a fairy tale of Govinda who is a gifted child who has powers which include hypnotising animals. The movie is just not about Govinda and his powers, but has some revenge storyline involved. The bad guy in this film kills Govinda's mum, dad, grandma, auntie and even two little girls. Its rare to see Govinda in a serious action role that Amitabh has played in the past of the angry young man type character. Govinda does a good job, although he is not angry through the whole film. The title song is brilliant sung by the great Udit narayan. Govinda delivers a fine performance in this movie and should of played more serious roles. Manisha is OK, The bad guy in this film gives a good performance as the cold blooded disturbed sick bad guy. This film would of been a Super Hit, but it does have some flaws. The graphics are not great at all, where Govinda communicates with animals looks like a clip of a wild life documentary. The middle part of the film, based in the jungle is slow and a little boring. The love story part is poor, but the action background overall is a decent entertaining movie.