2.5 Good

Love Story 2050 is a BIG worry, mostly because it carries huge expectations and when the film is slightly weaker, the chances are that it bombs. To be honest, Love Story 2050 is a decent film...it's not terrible, it's not horrifying - but it isn't a blockbuster either.
The first half is tolerable, being the only bit which works in the film and the chemistry between Harman Baweja and Priyanka Chopra is great. The portions where Sana dies and her family is struck by her death is heart wrenching...but from their the film goes downhill. Too much emphasis is put on the special effects and the Dr. Hoshi characters seems like more of an excuse than a proper relevance to the plot. The writing seems to be going good for the first half, but falls rapidly as the special effects over-power it. The film boasts with good effects and the robots, gadgets and gismos work amazingly...but at the end of the day, it's the story that counts and in the 2nd half everything goes downhill.
Dr. Hoshi could've still existed in the film, but he ought to have taken Zeisha hostage and blackmails Karan that if he doesn't give him the secret to the time machine that Zeisha will die. That would've made more sense - a lot more sense and it would've been a very easy structure to follow - Harry Baweja, Love Story 2050 is only a tad bit watchable because of the first half and the effects...a let down I am afraid.
Harman Baweja is a surprise of course - he looks like Hrithik, is it his fault? His choreographer tells him to dance with as much flexibility as possible, is it his fault? His dialogue delivery is excellent and his emotions are well portrayed through his eyes.
Priyanka is really likable as a character, both as Sana and Zeisha. Boman Irani and Archana Puran Singh are ok, but tend to go overboard at times.