2 Average

Love Aaj Kal

One common feature in all imtiaz ali movies "central characters are always confused" what the hell is this obsession with a confused guy n gal story..? Nways.. my personal favourite was the old love story of mr. rishi kapoor and personally i feel that his youth time role could have been played by (may be) ranbir or any other actor in close resemblence to him. Rest of the movie is ok, it loosely follows its main track and fails to deliver in the most important scenes. A constant problem of many hindi flicks(i.e. the screenplay) talking about technical aspect of the movie, there is nothing much to say as it was a romantic/drama movie. The editing could have been better the actor saif ali is almost ok, but i've seen his best work only when he has some competition in the film, otherwise he gets sloppy with his performances and thus his character becomes weak.. moving on to deepika , she should definately learn some acting or may be dialouge delivery, she has very good eyes which she never uses (face expression to door ki baat hai), rishi sir is always & will always be the cute n elegent actor of the indian cinema. And it was a pleasent surprise to see mrs. neetu kapoor (as always very gracious and beautiful) the newcomer girl had the body language right (according to her role) but weak in dialouge delivery and dancing.. All in all a one time watch movie.