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Loins Of Punjab Presents Music Review


There are certain films which come out of nowhere and suddenly make heir presence felt. Bheja Fry did so a few months back. Now it's

the turn of Loins Of Punjab Presents which again appears to be an offbeat-n-hilarious crossover film in the offering. Produced and

directed by debutant Manish Acharya, the film is touted to be a riotous comedy about seven strangers whose lives collide during a singing

contest in a small New Jersey town.

There have been records about 10-15-20 minutes songs being composed in Bollywood. Loins Of Punjab Presents could well enter the

record books to have come up with one of the shortest ever, courtesy 'Indian Girls Are Now Liking Bhangra?', which lasts for, hold your

breath, just 7 seconds. Yes, you read it right - 7 seconds! A dialogue track that begins with 'Indian Girls Are Now Liking Bhangra?' and

ends with 'Good to know!', one waits to see it's placement in the movie to understand it's relevance in the album!

Rap, reggae and bhangra come together in 'Dhol Beat' which is a kind of track that one can expect in a crossover film, ever since

one heard the soundtrack of films like American Desi, Monsoon Wedding, Bend It Like Beckham and more of their clan. Boasting of a

catchy rhythm with English lyrics as the mainstay of the song, 'Dhol Beat' ironically doesn't have the words 'Dhol Beat' being

crooned even once. Instead it just implies the genre of this song which one can expect to be a part of the background score throughout the

film's narrative. One wonders though if a promotional music video being created for this track could have helped the cause of the movie


Later the track is heard in its 'The Loins Club Mix' which is even perkier than the original and makes you hunt for that dance

floor. The beats gather an irresistible momentum while the rap-n-reggae is even more effective than what was heard earlier on. By the time this

four minute piece is through, one is convinced that a music video would have helped the cause in a big way for this song.

Soon after the track 'Dhol Beat' is through comes another dialogue piece called 'Pulp Friction'. Lasting just 30 seconds, it is a scene

from the film which has also been incorporated in the theatrical trailer. A hilarious piece which shows some of the men checking out video films

which turn out to be porn titles, there is also an anecdote on piracy which makes it further identifiable.

Introduction of four Patel brothers with their names starting from 'S' is done in 'Checking In'. Yet another short track lasting just

15 seconds, it is again a scene from the film where the four brothers are being introduced as they check-in to a hotel.

As an album Loins Of Punjab Presents lasts a total of 9 minutes which should definitely go into the record books. There is only one

bona fide song in the album, 'Dhol Beat', which is a decent hear and does carry good potential to be popular amongst the urban crowds.

Loins Of Punjab Presents 2.0 Joginder Tuteja 20070921