1 Poor

LEKAR HUM DEEWANA DIL - Arif Ali ,, brother of one of my favorite director Imtiaz Ali,,,,,and Armann Jain grandson of Raj Kapoor ,, both doesn't have a good start......It doesn't seems like they two have their genuine passion of doing Bollywood movies as Director and Actor respectively.....And if they are doing this just for the fact that somebody else (in case of Arif Ali) or everybody else(in case of Armaan Jain) in their family is doing this ,, then they should rethink about their carrier...... About Arif Ali i may say that may be he could do better with experience and if he got good stories(as this one is written by himself-so i can say he is quite a bad writer)......... But for Armaan Jain ,, this boy is seriously bad and could ruin the names of Kapoors.....He barely can act,,,,his expression are really bad,,,,and he dance awkward ....... In comparison to him Diksha as our lead actress is good if not very good,,,,but she has to improve as well.....But interestingly the supporting cast have helped little,,,,but that's not enough because most of the time supporting actors are not with them..... The story is totally aimless,,,,you cant imagine where its heading,,,,although predictable you will scream out loud why the same things keep happening without taking the story anywhere...... Sometimes you will think how boys and girls do such stupid things ....... Music is average,,,,that too from the gem of India A R Rehman ,,,, seems like he also have started giving his best only to the big or you can say selected directors...... Bad Editing is one of the biggest enemy in the movie,,,,,as the movie is just 2hr and 20min (that's one of the reason why i have decide to watch the movie regardless of the bad reviews as the movie was short) still you will wait that why not still the interval have come....Before half of the movie is finished you are already bored and you know that another is yet to come....... M not getting much to write about the movie,,,,simply skip it,,,,rather you may watch Bobby Jassos which got little better reviews ,, or Transformer 4 will be the best selection.... 4 out of 10 .... by ANuP APu KuMaR