2 Average


Lamhaa is a issu bace movie. This film made in kasmir. Rahul dolakiya made this movie . he is a goog maker. He made parjaniy . Parjaniy is a flop film . now this movie is goning to be flop bucause
this movie`s story is not good .rahul dolakia`s story is a not poplar story to made a film hit .In this movie we saw sanjay dutta, bipasha basu , anupam kher , kunal kapoor and many other actors. But this avrege movie is very disappointing to me to see it . sanjay dutta is an arme officer who go to kasmir in a mission . when he go there he meet the problem of kasmerhe and bipasha make a plan to solve the problem. kunal kapoor is a amrme officer to but he become a polytision. Now come to the perfomence - with out kunal kapoor every actors act badly . I did not axpect that kind of act from sanjay dutta .Bipasha basu is so so on her own roll . The lossing point of this movie is last part of story .the last part is too borring to see it .But this movie`s music is too good. mithoon make this music very good. I like madana so much . I thing this movie is average movie in boxoffice.