3.5 Very Good

Lafangey Parindey

3 Idiots taught us that you should never run before success but go for excellence. This is possible only if your aim/goal in life is clear and you have the driving force, that is, passion.

This week’s release, Lafangey Parindey, very much deals with the burning desire. In this movie, the characters have their goals clear in life. The story revolves around two people who have that will power to succeed despite the shortcomings that they face in their lives. Everyone goes through the problems, the beauty lies in how timely you tackle them.

Both the actors excel in their performances. The writer of this movie tells you the story in an entertaining way particularly in the Tapori lingo (Jo dimag se satkela hai, wohi is life mein kuch bada kar sakta hai).

From my side, the movie is a decent watch.