2.5 Good

it takes lot of courage and effort to pull off such role. Full marks to saif ali khan for his effort, he nailed the character and his effort can be seen easily on screen. Undoubtedly one of his best performance, he has improved his acting skills a lot. Salute to him to accept such role especially when his last few movies were dud at box office like chef, bazaar etc. Good to see that he is trying different types of meaty roles rather than old formula routine movies.. He is the savoir in this slow moving revenge tale. Navdeep singh has all the quality of being a good director but he has flaws in script writing therefore movie drags at times... locations are good, deepak dobriyal is impressive, other characters roles are not described properly . over all it is an out and out saif ali khan film and should be seen and appreciated for his effort and different way of presentation... 3 ⭐⭐⭐ for movie and 1 extra ⭐ for saif performance... Go for it or else next week again ssame old house full frenchisee... Try something different and appreciate the effort