2.5 Good

KYA KOOL HAI HUM 3 REVIEW- Here we goooo folks, the way Indian adult comedies going up and up nowdays looks like soon it will reach to Hollywood adult comedies flicks like American Pie. OMG what the hell i just saw. First of all i want clear that my rating will be based on Out of 8 Stars cause these kind of films doesn't come in Out of 10 Stars rating. Cause if we love movie then we easily rate it as we rate classics so rating will be less but it wont make any difference on movie's views or quality( we hardly find it in these kind of movies). So if i am not wrong then almost every Indian cinema audience has seen previous 2 parts of this series so we all know what we expect from this one. Trailer was hilariously presented to us to impress us and pull us to theater so i must say makers succeeded in that. But as we all know nowdays Censor board has became very strict when it comes to adult movies and more for Adult comedies. As expected many scenes and dialogs have been censored in Film screenplay. Lets talk about movie now, Film starts with its titles by showing some flirty and dirty scenes in animation version. Then leading actors introduction in their way means vulgar way. 2 jobless people gets offer from their friend to work in porn film and because of some circumstances in their personal lives they had to accept it. And here all Hilarious laughing riot starts. Credit goes to writer who wrote parody in sex comedy way of Hit Bollywood Movies. All mimicry scenes makes you laugh like anything. Then love at first side for Tushar and Interval.. Till interval movie succeeds to immerse you in film as we feel like Interval appeared very soon. After Interval it becomes completely different film. Back to back twists in every 5 minutes for every scene in same hilarious way to keep you laughing. Then Climax looks intentionally written to finish film soon which clearly looks childish. Film ends on a disappointing note. Acting- No doubts Tushar Kapoor and Aftab Shivdasani carried entire film successfully on their shoulders. I never expected acting from them as its not necessary for this film so they gave whatever director wanted. I don't know names of those scene show material heroins so i wont talk about them. The name i know is Krishna Abhishek who is 3rd best in movie after 2 leading actors. All 3 heroin displayed scene show without any hesitation, completely provided that vulgarity level to film what makers needed. Other supporting star cast was OK. Ritesh Deshmukh has done Cameo which doesn't include much to talk about it. Music- Really was there anything called Music in the movie. Not a single Hit song in screenplay. Movie could have easily been made without songs. Screenplay- It is kind of field which has to be excellent for other movie but not for this movie as this is complete sex comedy so all you need is keep audience laughing. And its only 2 hours film so it doesn't look boring at all. So there is nothing to talk about screenplay. Dialogues- Wow. The only word i have for writer. So many freaking hilarious dialogs which makes you laugh out loudly and force you to clap and shout, scream at the same time. Some dialogs are like too much funny but we realise after few seconds. Especially those when they spoil all Hit bollywood movies Hit dialogs in Adult way. Complete marks to dialogs. Direction- It is strictly OK as i personally feel better movie than this with this script could have been made. Still whatever Director did should be appreciated. Final words- Overall a good movie a complete package of Scene show,dialogs, vulgarity, hilarious scenes in short whatever we expect Film provides it. If i compare it with its previous parts then i say KKHH1 >> KKHH2 >> KKHH3. If you are fan of adult comedies then this is the film you should watch if not Must watch. Go and watch it to have fun for 2 hours by keeping your Film critic mind at home. 6/8 (6/10) Stars by me :)