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Kyaa Dil Ne Kahaa Movie Review

Kyaa Dil Ne Kahaa Movie Rating

Padmalaya Telefilms Ltd.'s KYAA DIL NE KAHAA, produced by G.A. Seshagiri Rao and directed by Sanjay Chhel, is all gloss, no soul.

Rahul (Tusshar), a rebellious youngster living in New Zealand, meets Esha (Esha Deol) in college. Amidst the pranks played in college campus and canteen, their friendship blossoms into love.

However, Rahul has a different outlook towards life. He has his own set morals and wants to live life his way. On the other hand, Esha is modern in her thoughts, but is a true Indian at heart.

Rahul falls head over heels for Esha's simplicity and innocence, while Esha is fascinated by Tusshar's honesty and his fun loving and carefree attitude.

Rahul has witnessed a stormy relationship between his parents (Rajesh Khanna, Smita Jaykar), while Esha has been brought up in a close knit joint family by her parents (Raj Babbar, Neena Kulkarni).

Both the families endorse their relationship and welcome the marriage proposal. But Rahul announces that he is not prepared to marry Esha under any circumstances.

Rahul reveals his views and reasons about the futility of marriage. Thus begins the clash between Rahul and Esha's ideals. Two different viewpoints emerge.

What happens next?

Remake of the Telugu hit SWAYAMVARAM, the story of KYAA DIL NE KAHAA is refreshingly different. But it is the screenplay that makes a complete mishmash of what could've been a riveting fare.

The defect lies in the fact that the two main characters � Tusshar and Esha � seem baffled about what they want from life. And, in turn, they confuse the viewer no end!

On one hand, Tusshar insists that he's dead against the institution of marriage, but he lands up time and again at Esha's doorstep, even though she insists on getting married.

But Esha seems even more confused when compared to Tusshar. For, at the interval point, when Tusshar reveals to the two families that he believes in friendship for life, not commitment (marriage), Esha walks out on him, stating that there's no room for him if he thinks that way.

In the post-interval portions, when some eve-teasers pass comments at Esha and Tusshar bashes them up, Esha reiterates her stand that she hates him. But, soon after, she is ready to romance with him and dance around trees. But once the song ends, she again reminds him of marriage and he refuses.

Incidents like this occur again when Tusshar walks in Esha's house a day before her engagement ceremony and in front of her parents, tells her to come along. But she politely explains that she wouldn't do anything to hurt her parent's feelings and rebuffs him again.

But in the climax, Esha does a complete about-turn (!!!) when Tusshar lands up at the wedding. For, Esha walks out of the 'mandap' and tells Tusshar that she's ready for a no-strings-attached, live-in relationship. But Tusshar has had a change of heart now (the reason for this change is equally obnoxious!) and he insists on getting married. Confusions galore!

Sanjay Chhel has selected an attention-grabbing story, but falters terribly in the screenplay department. In the first place, Tusshar and Esha's love story in the initial reels seems too abrupt. There's no build up whatsoever. In the second half too, the confusion in the screenplay adds to its woes.

Even the witty one-liners, which are his forte, are missing this time. Comedy scenes, in plenty, don't leave much of an impact, while the emotional moments fail to strike a chord.

Himesh Reshammiya's music is the sole saving grace of the show. The tunes are upbeat and the songs are peppy and easy on the lips. Without doubt, 'Nikamma' is the No. 1 song in this enterprise, followed by 'Taza Taza', 'Zindagi Ye Dillagi Hain' and 'Sajna Tere Pyaar Mein'. The choreography of 'Nikamma' merits distinction marks. To be honest, Himesh's music is the strong point of this flick!

Cinematography (Madhu Ambat) is inconsistent. The locales of New Zealand and Austria are eye pleasing and well captured, but at places, the camerawork lacks finesse.

Tusshar made a confident debut in MUJHE KUCCH KEHNA HAI, but surprisingly, he's not in his element this time. Also, he's loud at places. Esha Deol shows improvement over her previous performances. Raj Babbar and Neena Kulkarni stand out. Rajesh Khanna is not in form. The remaining cast fill the bill.

On the whole, KYAA DIL NE KAHAA has excellent music as its asset, but a weak script on the flip side, which in turn will prove a reason for its downfall after the initial euphoria subsides.

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