4 Very Good

Kya Yahi Sach Hai

After hearing the tragic incident of Dilip and Revati Sonawane from Kolhapur's Head Constable Bhushan Shanke, IPS Officer Raghu Kumar Suryavanshi, decides not to accept any bribes. He is subsequently placed in charge of the police detachment and leaves no stone unturned to turn the tables against gangsters. His fame spreads and he is transferred as DCP to Mumbai's Juhu - where he instills the fear of law amongst gangsters as well as Dr. Prakash. His fame spreads even more much to the displeasure of his senior officer, Rohit Tiwari, who would like to be also posted in bribe-lucrative Mumbai, and is willing to recruit a sponsor, who will pay a huge sum as a bribe, to get him a senior posting. He does get one with the nephew of the Home Minister, Ramanand, and is sent to London to gain hands-on experience with Scotland Yard. On Rohit's return he will meet and fall for an attractive woman, Geetika Mohan Chawla, and it is this acquaintance that will have far-reaching consequences for both him and Raghu.
Author: rAjOo (gunwanti@hotmail.com)