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Kudiyon Ka Hai Zamana Music Review


Why should boys have all the fun? This is what the tagline of Kudiyon Ka Hai Zamana says which true to its title is being promoted as an all-women film. With Rekha, Mahima Chaudhary, Kim Sharma and Vasundhara Das forming the 4 major protagonists of the film, one tends to ignore the fact that there are Ashmit Patel, Nikhil Chinnappa, Kabir Sadanand and Sachin Khedekar in the film too. KKHZ is an Amar Butala film with music by Iqbal Darbar and Yasin Darbar.

With little hopes about the music from the music of the film, one plays on the album. But doesn't the album throw in a few surprises...positive ones at that?!

The first thing that surprises is the fact that in spite of Vasundhara Das featuring in the song as an actor, the title song 'Kudiyon Ka Hai Zamana' doesn't feature her as a singer and has Sunidhi Chauhan and Jaspinder Narula roped in instead. Surprises aside, this Saahil Sutanpuri song is built on some old fashioned bhangra beats and isn't actually a bad beginning to the album at all. Both Sunidhi and Jaspinder bond well to come up with a pleasant number that does sound fine if one ignores the not-too-entertaining picturization of the song.

DJ Suketu applies his remixing skills to the song while coming up with a further jazzed up version of 'Kudiyon Ka Hai Zamana'. The good part is that add on instruments are kept to the minimum without making it go overboard. Also the English portions added to the song, just like in the style of numerous Pritam remixes, do act as decent fillers.

Guitar strings mark the opening of 'Jaanam' that sounds promising at the onset due to the fact that it is a duet with Shaan and Sadhna Sargam being the ones credited for the song. It turns out to be yet another instance of a song that could have gone to a decent distance if being a part of a romantic movie with more saleable names. Yet again, in a standalone mode, the song makes for a decent hear and though it is by no means exceptional, it makes for a good hear and doesn't make you turn the other way.

Both Shaan and Sadhna do well in this number that sticks to the Bollywood definition of being melodious with A.M. Turaz writing the kind of lyrics that have traditionally worked for romantic numbers over the decades. Follows soon two shorter and sad versions of the same song in male and female vocals respectively. The situational feel of the songs may make them suitable for the film's narrative but from audio point of view, one may still want to give the original number another hear.

The way 'Abhi Abhi' begins, one is immediately made nostalgic of the early 90s when Anand Milind were at their peak. Just hear the sound of guitar that marks the opening of the song followed by Udit Narayan's vocals and you would know why? Most entertaining number of the album so far which has Udit and Ayesha Darbar coming together for a true-blue mushy romantic number with a good rhythm and melody to boast, 'Abhi Abhi' is for the hardcore 90s music lovers who would find themselves humming along the song as it plays. Written by A.M. Turaz, it does sound like a Sameer song all the way but one doesn't actually mind that.

Surprise comes in the form of 'Din Dhal Jaaye' [Guide] which is crooned by Rekha and presented as an unplugged number. Moving at an extremely slow pace with musical instruments making an extremely limited appearance, it has a whiff of air in the background that creates the feel for the situation. Rekha does quite well in her rendition and though there are some loose ends at place, it only works for the benefit of the song since it enables a certain originality and purity to it. Now one fails to understand why the music company and the producers of the film have not tried to highlight the fact about such a song being present in the film?

Did you enjoy 'Bad Boy' from 'Pyaar Ke Side Effects'? Then you would certainly enjoy 'Kamre Mein Aaja' too which is yet another hip-hop number to hit the Bollywood music scene before the year comes to an end. Rahul Seth kicks off this number with his husky rap'n'reggae rendition which is followed by Vasundhara Das taking over the proceedings. She makes up for the lost opportunity in the title song and does well to make the song rock with her husky vocals with Suzanne doing well (as always) with her backup voice. A mass friendly number that has originally been composed by Saanj and recreated here, it has naughty undertones and brings to fore a different aspect of lyricist A.M. Turaz.

With so much girlish fun happening around him, how could Shaan be far behind? This is why he brings with him all the energy as he goes holds-no-bar in his forceful rendition of 'Kamre Mein Aaja' which is written by Saahil Sultanpuri this time around. Along with Suzanne, there is some all around fun yet again which makes you start tapping your feet to the beats. But soon you actually feel like hitting the dance floors when the third version of the song comes in the form of 'Electro Probe Mix' which comes across as a club fusion mix with Nikhil Chinappa and DJ Nawed doing well to come up with an entertaining remix version. With the kind of potential the number has, if only promoted well with an A-league star cast in it, it could have been a big success!

Music of KKHZ could well be termed as the surprise of the month. Just when one had thought that the music may just sound too stale and ordinary, the tunes actually throw in a surprise with more than a couple of numbers actually turning out to be pretty entertaining, especially 'Kamre Mein Aaja'. Hear it on for some good fun and you won't be disappointed.

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