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Welcome to the 21st century bollywood, where competetive movies that frequently enter the Oscar library are created. Not only that, but many of bollywood movies have hollywood 'look' or even better. Ram Gopal Varma started a factory of movies with no songs, while Sanjay Gupta brought his dark-gangster flicks, both creating hollywood in the Indian audience. But, today, Mr. Rakesh Roshan, India's acclaimed and awarded director, has progressed the trend with Bollywood's FIRST and the world's first un-comic superhero...... KRRISH!

The father and son duo are back to create a hat-trick with their last two award-winning movies Kaho Naa Pyar Hai, and the prequal Koi Mil Gaya. Krrish is Bollywood's first superhero, even after the super hit film Mr. India (not released as a superhero film). Many kids from ages 3 to 60 have waited for this blockbuster which should create boxoffice history.

To start of, everyone wants to see if this bollywood superhero can match up to the American superheroes. And the final answer is... KRRISH lives up to the expectations and even more! The film works big time and that's only because of Hrithik and Roshan Sr.

KRRISH starts of where Koi Mil Gaya ends. The movie starts when Krishna's grandmother discovers that Krishna has inherited the powers of his father, Rohit, or even more. Free as a bird, he runs like the wind…Like an eagle, he soars across rivers and mountain tops…As a lion, he conquers rugged rocks without fear…

Priya [Priyanka Chopra] comes into his life and becomes his world. When she beckons him to Singapore, he follows her there. Little realizing it is destiny that has summoned him. Having sheltered him from the world, his grandmother Sonia [Rekha] reluctantly gives in to him and lets him follow his heart.

In Singapore, Dr. Siddhant Arya [Naseeruddin Shah], the megalomaniac scientist, is on the verge of changing the future forever. Only one man stands between Dr. Siddharth and his destructive dreams. Only one man has the power to block his ruthless ambitions. Krrish.

KRRISH starts of with showing off all of his powers, in between every scene he encounters Priya. The first hour of the film is exactly like how Tarzan met Jane. Yet, when Krishna jumps through the trees like the animated Tarzan, the effect surpasses everything other superheroes have ever done. The second half shows Krishna discovering his superpowers and the story of his dead parents and Jadoo. The love story continues and moves on to the circus scene, includes an experienced choreographed song,where Krishna finally becomes KRRISH. At the end, the last 20 minutes, the collision between good and evil is supported with never seen special effects and stunts.

There are many must see sequences in KRRISH:

* The scene when Krishna rescues Priya.
* A few comedy scenes in the first half, when Priya thinks Krishna is a ghost.
* The scene where Krishna catches fish.
* The scene where Krishna performs in the middle of the Singapore street and befriends Kristian. Looks like Hrithik may have performed the stunts himself in that scene.
* Dil Na Diya song, and the scene after that in which the circus is on fire and Krishna, to hide his identity, wears a mask and becomes KRRISH.
* The motorcycle fight scene, which include the best stunt in the whole film.
* And, when KRRISH runs,jumps, and swims to Dr. Arya's island

However, no movie is perfect, KRRISH also has its negative points:

* It takes just about 2 hours for KRRISH the masked superhero to enter the film.
* There's no more than 40 minutes of KRRISH, and an hour of action in this 3 hour flick.
* The songs and the love story slow the pace of the film.
* Krishna is mostly called the masked man rather than KRRISH.
* It is wrong in a way to call KRRISH an Indian superhero eventhough he was discovered in Singapore and saved everyone from there.

But the sequences even without the action keep you entertained.

The script, the songs, and the emotional scenes make this superhero film completely different from the other superhero films. However, surprisingly, KRRISH 's action and special effects are better than Batman, Superman, Hulk, Fantastic Four, Dare Devil, etc. And it matches up to Spiderman and Spiderman 2, only because those movies had more action.

A standing applause to Rakesh Roshan for making us proud with this risky film which is sure to make box office history. He has taken all his time to cheer his fans and show that India is no far from Hollywood. Tony Ching Siu Tung's action is unbelievable(especially the fight in the island, the swimming, and the bike scene) and put you to the edge of your seat (I was smiling whenever KRRISH performed his daredevil stunts as if i was in the movie too). The songs are good, but lengthy and not fun to watch, except for Dil NA Diya. The background music is brilliant and suits the Indian theme.

But the whole movie belongs to Hrithik's performance who should make a great come back. Another award winning performance. Priyanka is okay. Naseeruddin Shah excels in his villianous role as Dr. Arya, especially in the sequences where he acts like a mad man and talks about his "Breaking News". Rekha's satisfactory, as well as everyone else.

KRRISH excels big time and is worth a watch all the way. It should be the biggest hit for this year as it is very new to the Indian audience. The film is purely universal with its emotional script, comic dialogues, and better than Hollywood special effects. "Hollywood, you have met your match." This is a film many people would be willing to pay to see it again. It's just a few more years when the Indian audiences will face KRRISH II.

**** - MAX!!