2 Average

Krazzy 4

krazzy 4,the much awaited movie has arrived but
it disappoints a big time.the much expected is
only got through performances.the story is the
culprit.the concept is new of mental patients
running away & their doctor being kidnapped but
the story does not get along well.its slowens
its pace in the second half.its screenplay
is not strong nor is its dialouges.the direction
is fine.its execution is bright.performances are
the only saving element.arshad warsi is suitable
& acts well in the first hour.irrfan khan is the
best of the lot.he has the sincerity hanging in
his work.rajpal is okay for the first hour.
suresh is another surprise element.juhi chawla
is fine.dia mirza gets scop in the second hour
and she ponces on it & does well.rajat kapoor
is another terrifying performance.zakir hussain
is alright.overall krazzy 4 stands weak on the