2.5 Good

Krazzy 4

Rajesh Roshan, Asif Ali Beg and composer/lyricist/singer Vishal Dadlani collaborate for the title song Krazzy 4 which actually gives quite a good kick start to the album. A cracker of a song which has a mix of English and Hindi lyrics, Krazzy 4 is the item song picturised on Shah Rukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan (in different versions). Relying completely on beats and some funky sound arrangements, this heavily orchestrated number moves at a rapid pace and doesn't have any pace for a breather, either for the singer or the audience itself. Krazzy 4 not just appears in a pumped up 'remix version', it also comes with a different title Break Free (which would have Hrithik Roshan making an appearance). A minute and a half longer than the title song Krazzy 4 which lasted for merely 3 minutes, Break Free is essentially the same track as the original with very slight modifications in arrangements. Yet again, the number appears in a 'remix version' as well which makes sure that the dance floors are engaged whenever and wherever the track plays.