3.5 Very Good


Times change and so do the criteria of good and bad. Same is the case with music. As the years turn into decades, most of the parameters twist and turn. But there are a few basic ingredients which remain constant irrespective of the year, decade or era and whenever such a basic fundamental quality comes to surface, it creates an instant impact.

The most basic of such fundamentals is "MELODY". Whether the arrangement is western or eastern, or a fuzion of both; whether the tracks are romantic, tragic or situational; in every case melody constitutes the core of a musical score.

The soundtrack of "Kites", though not a perfect track, scores high on melody and hence is likely to stay in memories even long after the film is released.

Rajesh Roshan delivers his best when it comes to a family project. Actually I prefer him sticking to his family projects as this is where he has given us some memorable melodies over the years. In the past, when he used to compose for other producers / directors, well the result was not very likable.

Coming to the soundtrack...I'll list the songs in order of their quality in my point of view..

1. "Dil Kyun Yeh Mera" ... the best track in the album. Extremely melodious and brilliantly composed. The effect is magnified due to excellent rendition by KK. Instantly likable and soothing. I love the arrangements.

2. "Zindagee Do Pal Ki" ... another brilliant melody. The way KK renders the words "INTAZAAR KAB TAK HUM KAREIN GEY BHALA" is the highlight of the song. The fuzion of eastern melody and western arrangements is beautiful. Although i feel that the "Antraas" of the song could be a bit better, yet the song as a whole is a gem and haunts you after you hear it for a couple of times...mainly due to KK's spirited singing.

3. "Kites in the Sky" ... This song proves the importance of melody and all types of music. Sung beautifully by Suzzane D'Mello, this song is very well complimented by Hrithik's virgin vocals. Impressive.

4. "Fire" ... This shoots the Adrenaline level. Amazing beats. High spirited and bound to light some fire on the screen.

5. "Tum Bhi Ho Wahi" ... Not a bad track at all, but it takes multiple hearings to start enjoying it. What starts off as a soothing tranquilizer, soon explodes as a dynamite of energy.

On the whole, the album is quite promising. with 2 brilliant melodies in the shape of "Dil kyun yeh mera" and "zindagee do pal ki". Though one wishes that there were more than 5 tracks in the album, but this might be the right amount of tracks considering the genre of the movie.

In my final view, though not perfect, yet this is one of the best albums of the year so far.