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Kis Kiski Kismat Movie Review

Kis Kiski Kismat Movie Rating

Sex and comedy is a lethal combo! If knitted well in a screenplay [Basu Chatterjee?s SHAUKEEN did it skillfully!], the outcome could be stimulating.

But, wait!

Comedy is the most difficult emotion to capture on screen. And it?s equally difficult to make a moviegoer laugh at your antics.

KIS KIS KI KISMAT had all the trappings to spice up your next two hours. With Mallika Sherawat handling the dare-bare part effortlessly, the only job left for the director was to concentrate on humour.

But KIS KIS KI KISMAT falters big time. Reasons: Inept writing, uninspired direction and over-the-top performances by just about everyone.

Result: KIS KIS KI KISMAT leaves you frozen. There?s nothing in the film you carry home. Undeniably, it?s amongst the weakest fares to hit the marquee this year. Oh, what a tragedy!

A millionaire stockbroker, Hasmukh Mehta [Dharmendra], the Big Bull of the Share Bazaar, angrily throws his wife Kokila?s [Rati Agnihotri] expensive Rs. 9 lac diamond necklace out of the window during an argument.

The necklace lands on the face of a middle class girl, Meena Madhok [Mallika Sherawat], who slips and spoils her clothes. Meena returns the necklace to Mehta, who in turn decides to make up to her by buying her expensive earrings and clothes.

Popley [Tiku Talsania], the owner of the jewellery showroom, boasts about the Big Bull to Rafsanjani [Satish Shah], who runs a hotel. The gossip mills start working overtime. Rafsanjani, Popley and Khalid [Kurush Deboo], the journalist, wrongly assume that Meena is Mehta?s mistress.

Meanwhile, the millionaire?s son Harish [debutante Siddharth Makkar], who wants to make it on his own, falls in love with Meena.

The confusion leads to an impending stock market crash, with Mehta going bankrupt. But Meena bails him out of the crisis?

KIS KIS KI KISMAT had an interesting plot, but after having watched the film you wonder whether the most important aspect of the film ? the script ? had been written by a grown up or by a bunch of kindergarten kids.

The situations are so harebrained and ludicrous and the humour so bland that you often wonder whether the director [Govind Menon] and his team of writer[s] know what it takes to make a humorous film and evoke mirth.

Just about everything in the screenplay seems fake. The petty fight between the stock broker [he?s supposed to be tycoon] and his wife Kokila at the start of the film, to his falling down the stairs, to the conversation on the breakfast table with his son ? the foundation of the film rests on amateurish situations.

But this takes the cake: The stock broker throws the necklace out of the house and before it lands on Mallika?s face, between that time, there?s an entire song filmed on Mallika. Really, one didn?t know that necklaces take such a long time to land on the ground!

Okay, that?s a cinematic liberty. The writer[s] can be pardoned for that. But what?s this ballyhoo about the stock broker having a mistress? It makes more noise [the entire media and even tourists from other nations land up at the hotel] than the U.S. war on terrorism or the Indo-Pak peace relations? or the Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Par Bollywood mein yeh bhi maaf hain. But this one takes not the cake, but the bakery away. The stock market now depends on the mistress? statements. Yes, the sensex is now at the mercy of a girl who has no clue that she?s indirectly deciding on the fate of millions of investors.

The one pertinent question that comes to your mind is, how could director Govind Menon okay an apology of a screenplay for the film? Even otherwise, why does the camera focus on the characters? shoes [!!!] when they seem to be involved in a serious conversation? What?s the logic behind it? And, mind you, this happens a couple of times!

Even otherwise, Menon makes every character scream and shout in the name of acting. So much so that you realize that the comic capers on television are far more interesting than such corny tales.

Music [D. Imman] is functional. The track at the start of the film [?Azaadi?] and the one in the end [?Talk Of The Town?] are tuneful, but the songs sound similar to Rahman?s tunes. Cinematography is eye-pleasing. Dialogues are witty at times.

Dharmendra is just not in form this time around. Known for his flair for comedy, the actor looks completely disinterested at most times.

Mallika Sherawat did impress with her performance in MURDER, but in this film, she mistakes acting to screaming, shouting and making faces. However, the actress does deserve points for exposing her anatomy uninhibitedly. From exhibiting low necklines to exposing her undergarments, she does it all with amazing confidence!

Siddharth Makkar is pure teakwood and needs lessons in acting pronto. Rati Agnihotri hams as if there is no tomorrow. Satish Shah is the only actor who handles the comic portions without going overboard. Tinnu Anand, Jagdeep, Viju Khote, Tiku Talsania and Kurush Deboo are passable.

On the whole, KIS KIS KI KISMAT is low on hype and much lower on substance. And with an ordinary to dull start at the box-office, there?s nothing going for the film!

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