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Honestly, the expectations are kept in check while playing on the score of Khatta Meetha; reason being that the film is not a musical per se. Still, the fact which is kept in mind is that comic outings by Priyadarshan and Akshay Kumar in recent past (De Dana Dan, Bhool Bhulaiya) have actually led to at least a song or two turning out to be huge. Also with Pritam at the helm of affairs, you do expect something good coming out eventually at the least. Still, what you are prepared to listen eventually is some instant coffee score that would manage to work for the time being with anything more only turning out to be an added bonus.


First to come is the much publicised track 'Nana Chi Taang' which has a Marathi base it. With a Western base to it, this one turns out to be a catchy fusion number which doesn't take much time to register. Also, it is good to see Kunal Ganjawala coming up with something worthwhile for quite some time. Off late the singer hasn't been able to get many chartbusters running for him but 'Nana Chi Taang' could well be that number which will do good for him as well as the film.

Written by Irshad Kamil, this fun number (which also arrives in a 'remix version' later) picturised on the lead pair of the film also sees a rap portion written and sung By U.R.L. who does a rather good job here. In fact on closer hearing, the song's beginning and beats do come close to A.R. Rahman's 'Premika Ne Pyar Se' from Prabhu Deva's Humse Hai Muqabla. However, one chooses to believe that this could be a mere coincidence because there is just a brief hint to the chartbuster from the mid-90s.

As expected, there is some amount of softness that sets in with 'Sajde' following next. From the combination of Pritam and Irshad Kamil, you do expect a melodious romantic outing. This is what you get when KK and Sunidhi Chauhan come together for 'Sajde' which seems to be a good continuation to 'U & I - Sab Rishte Naate' [De Dana Dan]. A love song which could have utilised by Pritam in any film that had a quintessential love story setting to it, 'Sajde' actually makes one instantly imagine Katrina Kaif lip synching to this one. Call it the Sunidhi Chauhan effect but the fact remains that one can't miss the reference here. With Trisha on the scene, one does expect a beautiful outing here, what with KK also doing well with his vocals here. One does wonder though if a soft number like this really warranted a 'remix version' here. Thankfully, the spirit of the song remains intact even in this version and it doesn't get mauled due to any excessive beats.

Newcomer Shani brings in a guest composition in the form of 'Bullshit' which is written and sung by Shehzad Roy. Based on the theme of certain politicians coming up with their false promises that equate to 'bullshit', the song has a thematic appeal to it and sees a mix of Hindi and English lyrics. Catchy beats ensure that despite a serious theme, the song does well in carrying forward the narrative. Though the song isn't designed to last for months at stretch, 'Bullshit' should do well for the situation in the film. Also, the song has a certain Priyan touch to it, something which is apparent in the way the song is written and composed.

Finally arrives 'Aila Re Aila' which instantly reminds of 'Ganpat' from Apna Sapna Money Money which was again composed by Pritam himself. Highly energetic, this Daler Mehndi sung track is the most addictive of all in the album and has the potential to find its reach across the length and breadth of the country. Full of life, high on beats, easy on lips and catchy enough to burn the dance floor, 'Aila Re Aila' could find itself being played across processions and festivities. Written by Nitin Raikwar, this number also sees Kalpana Patowary giving good company to Daler Mehndi who is pretty much in high spirits while being behind the mike. No wonder, the song finds a deserving 'remix version' for itself.


As one presumed, Khatta Meetha has an instant coffee soundtrack that shouldn't take much time to settle down. There may not be anything outstanding presented by Pritam in the album but there isn't anything bad enough to be rejected either. Every song works well within the space it arrives in the album (and expectedly in the film's narrative) and would ensure that the narrative of the film never gets stagnated. While 'Aila Re Aila' and 'Nana Chi Taang' should find immediate attention, 'Sajde' could do well in the long run.


Aila Re Aila, Nana Chi Taang, Sajde

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