4 Very Good

Kambakkht Ishq

Alright! Fine! This isn't one of the most musically creative album and it doesn't have the the best collection of melodies.

Saying that --> these songs can be heard over and over and over again. They'll be playing in all the night clubs for some time now and they are beyond catchy. The beats, refrains --> they are so catchy that it only makes you want to hear the album again.

Lets break it down shall we:

Om Mangalam --> from intro to ending, RDB is rocking! Om Mangalam haunting in the background, the "Don't wanna love, don't need no love," the female parts, the refrain "kya pyaar kiya kambakkht ishq...", this is a song to blast in the car and keep on listening to.

Kambakkht Ishq --> this song has a nice tapori feel to it and that might turn you off as most tapori gaane do after 1 hear, but this one gets you singing with it and again, it is the "chamatkaar" of beats and techno sounds that do the trick!

Bebo --> This isn't the best track of the album and frankly, I only like two things in this - the refrain "Bebo main bebo, dil mera lelo..." and the techno backdrop of the song.

Kyun --> Very similar to "O Meri Jaan" from "Life in a... Metro" but shines in the album as the only slow and melodious number. Shaan sung his forte genre and when a man has a forte in something, he shines in it.

Lakh Lakh --> Yeah this has beats, but this tune has been so overused in so many punjabi songs that it has essentially lost its charm. I guess it would be nice to hear it in the movie as the lyrics will go well w/ the situation of the song in the movie.

Welcome to Hollywood --> I love the piano/hip-hop beat combination and it is a wonderful tribute (lyrically) to all the Hollywood stars such as Al Pacino. If you are into Hollywood stars, and you hear the lyrics, this is song is very amusing and impressive in its lyrics. I like that voice the singers are singing in, it brings a different feel to the song.