4 Very Good


Sujoy Ghosh is known for working on different topics. Be it Jhankar Beats or Home Delivery or Aladin, he has always taken different subjects and treated them in a very unorthodox style. Though his last outing Aladin was not much successful, this time he has surely hit the jackpot with Kahaani.

Kahaaani is an amazing tale told in a unique manner. Not even a single frame of the movie allows you to take your eyes off. In the very first sequence we get to see Vidya (read Bidya) entering a city on the edge of a festival (Kolkata), in search of her lost husband Aanav.

Vidya is the main protagonist along with other two main characters Rana (Parambrata Chattopadhyay) and Khan (Nawazuddin Siddiqui). In a city where every one is trying to persuade Vidya that her husband does not even exists, one man that helps him out in the search is Rana. You have seen some splendid performances from Vidya in recent times especially in Bhool Bhulaya, Ishqia and The Dirty Picture but Kahaani is no doubt the best performances of Vidya Balan till date. The other two actors and even the supporting cast have done wonders. They all are so natural that you don’t even feel like watching some Acting.

As the film starts you feel like watching a very simple tale (a woman in search of her lost husband) but slowly it turns out to be an epic thriller. Get ready for some sheer goose bumps in the middle of the story and I simply have no words for a great great climax. I can bet on it. One can never predict what the Kahaani has in its kitty for you in the climax.

With a very appealing sound track and background score and some nice camera work along with a beautiful art direction, Kahaani is a complete package. If you love watching different cinema, Kahaani is for you.