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Kaash Aap Hamare Hote Movie Review

Kaash Aap Hamare Hote Movie Rating

Babbar Films P. Ltd.'s KASH� AAP HAMARE HOTE, directed by Ravinder Peepat, is a love story that starts off well, but eventually falls in the same mould as a run-of-the-mill flick.

Amrita [Juhi Babbar] has lost her parents in a car crash. Her father's best friend, Yashwant Raj Mankotia [Om Puri], raises her as his own daughter.

When she reaches the marriageable age, Yashwant Raj gets her married to his son Randeep [Sharad Kapoor], much against the son's wishes. Soon after the marriage, Amrita leaves her doting father and the shores of India with her husband.

Once in the west, Amrita finds herself in an alien world, which is hostile and venomous to her.

Jay Kumar [Sonu Nigam] is an illegal Indian immigrant who works in a sawmill through the day and spends lonely evenings with his friends in neighbourhood pubs. One evening, when he drives back home, he finds this helpless Indian girl at his doorstep. More than happy to help a needy person, he welcomes her into his home.

Slowly, he realises that Amrita occupies not only his house, but also a place in his heart. Impelled by his friends, Jay gathers courage to express his love to her. But is shattered when he comes to know that Amrita is already married.

Not someone to shed a tear easily, Jay overcomes his anguish to make Amrita's happiness his only goal in life. Trapped between an unpleasant past and an unsure future, Amrita finds herself at crossroads�

KASH� AAP HAMARE HOTE has several interesting moments in the first half, but it settles down to a routine love story as it reaches its finale.

The initial reels are engaging and the movement of the story catches the viewer unaware. In fact, so much seems to happen in the first half-an-hour of the film at such a brisk pace that the viewer gets completely involved in the goings-on.

The marriage and the subsequent fallout raise the expectations from the story, but as the drama unfolds and the new man enters her life, the story stagnates. For, immediately thereon, the film starts focussing on the love story of the lead pair and all about the husband [Sharad Kapoor] and his moll [Saadhika] is conveniently forgotten.

The post-interval portions have a couple of interesting moments, but a few unwanted sequences too. In fact, even if these sequences weren't there, it wouldn't have made a difference to the main plot.

To cite examples, the Johny Lever comedy track as well as that of the other woman [Raavee Gupta], who loves Sonu Nigam, look forced in the screenplay. Ditto for the climax, which seems like a rushed job. A better culmination to the father-son conflict [Om Puri-Sharad Kapoor] and also the father-daughter relationship [Om Puri-Juhi] was the need of the hour.

Another aspect where the film suffers is its music. Aadesh Shrivastava's music is fairly tuneful, but the film lacks a hit score � so essential for a love story. Although 'Akh Lad Gayee Kudi De Naal' and the title track are well tuned and well promoted as well, they don't leave a lasting impression. However, Aadesh's background score is effective.

Director Ravinder Peepat seems at ease handling the dramatic portions, but is letdown by a mediocre screenplay. Atul Tiwari's dialogues sound fresh, even though the situations are not. Manmohan Singh's cinematography is simply flawless. The locales of Canada are a visual treat. Even the indoor look is magnificent. Akiv Ali's editing is crisp in the first half, but not in the second.

KASH� AAP HAMARE HOTE is the perfect launch for Juhi Babbar. Cast in a difficult role, the actress takes to it like a fish takes to water. Her expressive eyes and near-perfect dialogue delivery takes you by surprise, while her overall performance is first-rate. Although she tends to get a bit theatrical in the latter reels, there's no denying that she's a powerhouse of talent.

Sonu Nigam gives a fair account of himself, although he seems awkward and ill at ease in drunken scenes. But the youngster has that boyish charm that's magnetic. However, he needs to take care of his outfits, makeup and overall appearance.

Om Puri is excellent. Raj Babbar is, like always, efficient. Sharad Kapoor enacts his part with utmost conviction. Also, he carries off the suave look with ?n. Saadhika radiates oomph. Johny Lever is wasted. Amongst Sonu's friends, Vivek Shauq stands out.

On the whole, KASH AAP HAMARE HOTE is an ordinary fare. At the box-office, the film will face rough weather due to a strong opposition in the form of World Cup. Had the film released at a more appropriate period and without oppositions, the prospects would've been better.

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