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Jurassic World (English)

I've been excited to see this movie for a few months now, so yesterday I decided to go all out. Bought tickets for my family, soda, popcorn to the first screening of the night. $70 to be exact. Should have waited for the dollar theater! There is NOTHING new to the story in this film. It's the exact same plot as the first one with sprinkles of the other two films as well. AND, a great Indiana Jones impersonation by Chris Pratt. To be honest, I'm really sick of movie directors who create products that are essentially giant boners over the fact that they get to make something that far better filmmakers began long ago.

Let's just say that if they make the next Star Wars the same way they made this, I am going to be looking for revenge.

My suggestion is simply this... See the movie but wait until it's in the dollar theater. Spend that $70 at the water park or something.